Tolkien – There and back again


Two Saturdays ago I went to the Lord of the Rings extended edition marathon.  A week later I saw the Hobbit.

I woke up on the morning of the LOTR marathon thinking “wait, did I really agree to do this again?” And I had.  I trekked over with my daughter and met up with the usual suspects, the same people who came with me to see the Marvel Marathon for the Avengers. This time though I picked up a new marathon friend.  When I got there the only other person was a Hobbit. Or better said, a rather tall 17 year old boy dressed up as a hobbit.  We befriended him and he gave us some twizzlers, I bought him a Starbucks coffee.

After making it through Fellowship of the Ring, for me the most boring, I found the rest of the experience to be better than I expected.  I had forgotten how excited I would get during the battle scenes. The first time Theoden said “forth Eorlingas!” I almost wept. Almost.  I was probably all cried out from watching the Theodred funeral scene. But the battle of Helm’s Deep was pure adrenaline. How did I ever manage to stay seated the first time watching this? I was ready to battle cry and run towards the screen. Same goes for the battle of the Pelennor Fields.

In between, as I talked to the tall hobbit about Tolkien I found that I know way more about the Tolkien universe than I remember knowing. That happens when you are in deep discussion about parts of the Silmarillion. For Tolkien’s sakes, my daughter is named after a character in LOTR.

An Unexpected Journey