I got my book. :)

I got all the fanfics written under this username bound into a single volume. I did have another username prior if you’re wondering, but those stories are old and are painful to read through. Honestly I’m pained to read the Batman story too. It was a good idea that I took on when I wasn’t up to the same writing level that I am now. But that’s how writer’s have to start… by practicing.

So it’s all bound together and it looks real pretty even though I forgot to put in page numbers. whoops. LOL. I’m really hoping this will inspire me to keep editing my non=fanfic novel and to start on that other short story I wanted to write. And all this before April because that’s Script Frenzy time.

you’re turning into an infinite number of penguins


About a Girl: Just the Two of Us

About a year ago a friend from work said I was like the mom on Gilmore Girls. I thought it was because she was a good looking younger single mom (vain? me?) with a daughter. I’ve never watched the Gilmore Girls but managed to catch an episode yesterday and actually sat down to watch it.

Woah. I was totally freaked out. I act almost exactly like the woman. It was so weird, like watching an older and hotter version of myself. They were on a roadtrip and she said, complaining about the country music on the radio, “how am I suppose to have a roadtrip without ACDC Highway to Hell?” Her favorite band is Metallica? Woah. I don’t even know what else to say.

My daughter and I in 12 years…

Sons of Anarchy

This post is a blatant excuse to use my new Sons of Anarchy livejournal icon. 🙂 But in the interest of making a post I’ll actually talk about the show.

This is a show about a motorcycle club in California. The script is loosely based on the structure of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. It stars Charlie Hunnam (Jax Teller the Hamlet character), Ron Perlman (Clay Morrow the Claudius character), Katey Segal (Gemma Teller-Morrow the Gertrude character), and a few other people.

I love this show. I didn’t start watching it right away cause it airs on Wednesday nights when I’m usually out. Then I discovered they give reruns on Sunday when I’m usually in. I would catch the show in snippets and just surf the TV cause the show is so hardcore I would get really anxious just watching it. Slowly I’ve been starting to watch more and more and just getting caught up in it.

My thoughts on the main characters and my differing taste in men

What is wrong with Jim Halpert?

After watching season 3 in the span of four days I have come to the conclusion that there is a fatal flaw in the character Jim Halpert from the American version of The Office: he has no visible flaws.

Jim Halpert is smart, cute, funny, good at his job… he’s kind, couragous, and protects those weaker than him. But no one’s perfect. So I have made up a list of possible Jim flaws. I repeat, this is made-up as in not true as far as I know.

1. Jim has no life. When he has no girlfriend he sits at home and thinks of pranks to play on Dwight.

2. Jim is a bad dancer. I don’t recall ever seeing him dance.

3. Jim cannot do manly things. Like change a tire and fix broken appliances.

4. Jim has no culture. He ordered The Great Gatsby online thinking it was a comic book.

5. Jim is a boring lay. He’s too sweet and gentle. And he likes Pam, who can only be described as mousy.

So, not having watched what’s been going on in season4, this is what I’ve come up with. Perhaps we learn more in the new episodes and perhaps some of my list has been disqualified.

You don’t scare me, Lucard.

I spent yesterday at home. I decided to watch this DVD I bought months ago of the entire run of Dracula: The Series.

Now, if you’ve never heard of it, you’re not alone. It came out about 1990ish and the only person recognizable in it is Mia Kirshner. It’s about 3 kids and their vampire hunting old relatiive (Helsing). Their arch-nemesis? Dracula himself in the form of a multi-millionaire businessman, Alexander Lucard (get it?).

I can’t believe I didn’t remember how campy this show was. I was on the floor laughing through most of it yesterday. Every episode these people manage to break into Dracula’s castle and not get hurt. And Dracula himself? Oh, man… imagine every cheesy vampire movie you’ve ever seen. I’m not even talking about the cheesy effects; I’m willing to cut some slack on that. Lord, fucking hilarious.

Also, for you vampire lovers out there, you might recognize one guy in certain episodes… Geraint Wyn Davies, also known as Det. Nic Knight of the vampire TV series Forever Knight. He stars as Dracula’s right hand man with crazy bloodlust. Lol, what a hoot.

If you like campy vampire stuff, there’s really nothing like this.