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National Novel Writing Month

I’ve been a particapant of NaNoWriMo since November of 2007. I’ve managed to write 50K every year whether or not I truly reached “the end” is another matter. So far I haven’t edited my NaNo novels to a place where I feel comfortable sharing them.  However, when I get there I will try to publish them. A couple of them are a series of short stories which I might try to publish individually.  As far as my full length novels go, if I get enough rejection letters I’ll just self-publish. I’ll keep everyone posted and add any links here in the future.

Script Frenzy

Script Frenzy was brought to us by the same people as NaNoWriMo. It is no longer being supported, but I did write and edit a couple of screenplays. I have more, but I didn’t edit them. Below is one I edited and have shared with many people. Copyright belongs to me, please let me know if you are planning on doing anything with it.

Overdue Massacre: Recent college graduate and World of Warcraft player, Rebeca, is in over her head when she starts to work at a University library where the staff keeps turning up dead.  Will she make it out alive or die for the sake of being able to pay her bills?

Click the title to download the screenplay pdf. Click the image to see the poster larger.

Blog Posts

About a Girl

About a Girl is a series of blogs where I write things specifically about being a mom. It started out as a hopeful memoir when I was looking for books to read about being a single mother. I couldn’t seem to find a book to fit my particular tastes as everything seemed so suburban mom. I needed the book written by the girl who was flat broke and trying to raise a kid, but no so down in the dumps as to merit an Oprah Book Club read. If anyone has any recommendations, I’m open. In any case, I keep writing the blogs because I figure, I’ll never run out of things to say about being a mom and when I look back on those blogs I sometimes make myself cry. You can click on the “about a girl” tag to find all my entries under the subject.


Vanity Press is a remake of Hamlet’s “To be or not to be” soliloquy. It is about the hesitation author’s face when thinking about publishing through Vanity Press.

The Volcanic Reaction: Fanfiction written as a contest for Wil Wheaton and John Scalzi’s Unicorn Pegasus Kitten June 2010. ~1100 words. I didn’t win. read the The Volcanic Reaction blog entry.

“Ode to My Lost Boys Poster” A poem in honor of Towel Day and Vogon’s everywhere.

Fan Fiction

Ha, ha. Nope. If you find it, kudos to you.  However, here is my post on the matter: Confessions of a Fan Fiction Writer



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