Edgar Allan Poe

I’ve been a fan of Edgar Allan Poe for a large part of my life. This page is about my own studies in Poa, mainly the annotated bibliography I talk about below.

Character: Edgar Alan Poe

Sometime around 2006, maybe early 2007,I started working on an annotated bibliography of Edgar Allan Poe as a character as opposed to a bibliography of his work or of other materials based on his work. what I mean is, I started looking over books, stories, film, anything of the like where Poe is fictionalized as a character in a story.

There is a wikipedia pages that covers this in part. It is: Edgar Allan Poe in Popular Culture. Most of my own bibliography is based on references gathered in this list and I note that the wikipedia list has changed over the past few years and that, as I discovered with some leads, it isn’t always accurate. Some of my other leads come from the IMDB page for Edgar Allan Poe as a character specifically. And lastly I’ve also used House of Usher, an extensive website of Poe resources.

In my list I gaurantee that I have at the very least skimmed over the work in question to make sure that Edgar Allan Poe appears even if he doesn’t speak. The point really is that he has been represented in some manner. Someone gave him a personality in order to tell a tale. My notes are also a bit more extensive. It’s not ready yet though, it’s still just a bunch of notes on my part.

Here you can dowload my complete list of materials I’ve reviewed and a list of materials I have yet to review. Please cite me if you are using my work. If anyone has any tips of other things with Poe that are not contained in the files below please drop me a note. Also, I know there were plays which featured Poe, but I haven’t been able to find any copies of video footage of these plays in their entirety. If anyone has heads up on those that would be great as well.

Read the online e-book version through Scalar.  This will be the first place I will make any updates.  Contains links to images and video of the items. : Edgar Allan Poe as a Character

Download doc files:
Character: Poe Bibliography
Poe to do list

Download pdf files:
Character: Poe Bibliography
Poe to do list

This is still a work in progress. So far my findings are that Poe is usually portrayed either as the maudlin crazed drunkard or a highly intelligent man with amazing detective skills. It’s very seldom that the two personas are combined evenly. Most writers seemed to ignore his athletic and military youth. And while there is focus on his romantic nature, I’ve only ever seen two instances where his sexual side was explored at all.



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