World’s End : The Tragedy of Gary King

The Cornetto Trilogy by Edgar Wright. Most people know Shaun of the Dead, but maybe not the other two Hot Fuzz, and The World’s End. At least, I never really hear anyone talk about the other two as much as Shaun or recommend them to other people. They’re all great movies, but I remember feeling a certain sense of deeper connection with World’s End so I re-watched it.

I joke that Simon Pegg’s character, Gary King, was reminiscent of myself in high school. That is definitely an outfit I would have worn and I still have my vinyl copy of Sisters of Mercy Floodland that I bought back in the 90’s. I did a crazy pub crawl back in the day with my friends too where we took a shot of tequila at every bar we could find in Key West as we walked down the streets celebrating one of our friend’s birthday. The night ended with us jumping off a pier and narrowly missing the jellyfish. By the time The World’s End came out in 2013, those days were long gone.

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About the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

The first time I saw Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back I thought it was terrible. I mean, it had a few laughs, but overall it ranked somewhere above Jersey Girl in my rank of Kevin Smith films. And then years passed, and for some reason I will never understand, my daughter LOVES Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. I’m guilty of probably letting her watch it too young, but I’m glad I did because it turned into one of the few things that could lift her spirits no matter how bad a day she was having (the other thing being the Jackass movies which she was also too young to watch when she did).

I was pretty excited to watch Jay and Silent Bob The Reboot, mainly because of some of the reasons I stated in my Mission: Impossible post and my Trainspotting 2 post. I love watching characters develop over time. And I’ve already been down this road with Kevin Smith when he made Clerks 2, which overall I liked. I had a pretty good idea of what I was in for; a bunch of raunchy comedy and a bunch of cameos from the usual Smith suspects. And maybe, just maybe, some commentary about life and possibly a deep introspection about friendship. I was mostly right. But the commentary and deep introspection was about raising kids. And that’s how Kevin Smith brought me to motherfucking tears.

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Mission: Impossible – 24 yrs of character development and counting

I recently did a re-watch of all the Mission: Impossible (MI) movies. Ghost Protocol and Fallout are on Hulu and it made me want to re-watch all of them in order. I love watching characters develop over time and their stories continue. Unfortunately, most movie sequels are terrible, so I especially love finding a series where that’s not the case. The Rotten Tomatoes rating for the MI series just gets higher and higher (after the unfortunate part 2). And how does this series compare to the Bond series and James Bourne?

Let’s get into it.

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Living in Hellfire on Wattpad

Living in Hellfire, a novel Veronica, recent college graduate is trying to find a job and get settled. She does her best to ignore all the visions of corpses and the demons that visit her. Those things don’t exist. At least, that’s what she tells herself. This novel is now complete on Wattpad. A final edit is in the works that will include artwork … Continue reading Living in Hellfire on Wattpad