I Should Have Been in a Band

I’ve been watching That Thing You Do lately.  I showed it to my daughter who of course fell in love with all the catchy songs and keeps playing the movie.  So there’s this moment when Ethan Embry’s character is dancing across the stage happily playing the bass, and I thought “That. Right There. That is What I Always Wanted.”

I realized, finally, that all these years that I lamented wishing how I had an artist community I belonged to like back in college as an artist… all the years where people ask me about being single and me not being able to express that what I really want is a partner and my best example is Matt Stone and Trey Parker… all the times I think back wistfully to my large group of friends from my early twenties. That’s a band.

I understand that not everyone gets along, I wrote a whole blog commending those bands that have managed to make it together despite all adversity and diversity between them. But I’m just floored emotionally when I try to image what it must be like to be Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers or  fucking Aerosmith.  Thats a life time of love, hate, trials and tribulations, sickness and health.

How wonderful must it be to be at the top of your game, tripping on a natural high and look over at your friends beside you, in it with you, supporting you. And yes, I’m aware that movie is about a one hit wonder band that then promptly broke up. The blog’s not really about the movie, just the awareness it gave me.

I should have joined a band. You know, if I could play an instrument.

it looks silly, but it gave me an epiphany


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